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MGT 331 HRM-HR professionals and employers are responsible


MGT 331 HRM-HR professionals and employers are responsible MGT 331 HRM Answers only, as a Word.doc. Include only True or False beside the corresponding number for your answers. Name your file with your last, first name. Failure to follow these directions will result in point deductions. 1) HR professionals and employers are responsible for protecting employment records from identity thieves. Answer: 2) Since Congress passed the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act in 1988, identity theft has declined sharply. Answer: 3) In regards to OSHA, health involves protecting employees from injuries caused by work-related accidents. Answer: 4) Although OSHA has helped to significantly reduce the number of workplace fatalities, the number of workers contracting occupational illnesses has remained the same. Answer: 5) OSHA has the power to issue citations, but financial penalties must be issued by the Department of Justice. Answer: 6) The Severe Violator Enforcement Program focuses on employers that have repeatedly violated safety regulations. Answer: 7) Most OSHA inspections are initiated by employer complaints. Answer: 8) An employer is legally required to provide an OSHA inspector access to a worksite when an inspection is requested. Answer: 9) The leading cause of workplace injuries was overexertion, such as lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling. Answer: 10) Worker safety affects recruitment, retention, and benefits. Answer: 11) The EEOC requires businesses to communicate more openly about the hazards associated with the materials they use and produce and the wastes they generate. Answer: 12) Human resource metrics is the study of human interaction with tasks, equipment, tools, and the physical environment. Answer: 13) The majority of workplace incidents involving harassment, intimidation, shoving, and slapping are reported to employers and OSHA for statistical purposes. Answer: 14) Negligent retention may occur when a company keeps persons on the payroll whose records indicate a strong potential for wrongdoing. Answer: 15) Although domestic violence affects employees psychologically, employers rarely experience any consequences of an employees’ abusive relationships. Answer:


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