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1. Which of the following characteristics are important sources of personal power? Flexibility Knowledge Criticality Relevance 2. The processes and systems built to assist in the daily activities of production are known as: automation logistics. operations management. management science. 3. Relationships must be formed and trust established. Clarity of direction is needed from team leaders. Your team is at what stage? Storming Norming Performing Forming 4. Employees at Turner, Inc. are engaged in a debate over the merits of an individual vs. a team-based compensation program. Based on Trompenaars’ dimensions of national culture, which cultural dimension does this debate most closely relate to? Universalism vs. particularism Achievement vs. ascription Individualism vs. collectivism Affective vs. neutral 5. _____________ help organizations run more efficiently by incorporating people, technology, and information systematically. DSS ESS MIS IT 6. What guideline should a firm follow to attain the greatest motivational impact from a new awards programs? Give the awards privately Make sure the award is meaningful to the families of employees Only acknowledge current recipients Use awards infrequently 7. Which is the most accurate summary of the differentiation some writers have given between leadership and management? Management is about setting direction and leadership is about creating something new. Management is about controlling variance and leadership is about initiating change. Management is about equilibrium and leadership is about refining current performance. Management is about facilitating stability and leadership is about managing change. 8. Events, situations, objects, people, or other artifacts that provide greater meaning to the organization are the company’s ___________. symbols stories ceremonies Rituals 9. To become a better manager, what is one of the first things one should do? Manage one’s time better Seek knowledge of oneself Improve one’s communication skills Empower one’s employees 10. Your team’s approach is to involve everyone, to help people be generalists, and to share information openly. What is your team’s approach? Self-censorship Mind guarding Continuous improvement Direct pressure 11. A long-range, big-picture process to assist companies in better overall management for the entire organization is known as: Long-range goal analysis Productivity Value-added analysis Total Quality Management (TQM) 12. What should effective motivational programs do in terms of offering rewards? Make a distinction between workers based on seniority Not make a distinction between workers Make a distinction between workers based on performance regardless of effort Make a distinction between workers based on effort 13. What is the natural tendency of people in resolving problems? Select the last solution possible after evaluating all the alternative. Select the first reasonable problem that comes to mind Select the first reasonable solution that comes to mind Select the best solution after evaluating all the alternatives Which is best when generating alternatives? 14. Focus on the short term; bad decisions in the short term means there is no long term to worry about. Evaluate the alternatives after all alternatives have been proposed. Separate alternatives from one another. Evaluate the alternatives as they are proposed; this saves time. 15. You are a manager of a team of 50 professionals. One particular professional persists in accusing you of having your priorities out of order. Since the planning activity you do often is not urgent, this particular professional tries to undermine the activity. Which research-based principle should the manager remember? People who experience the most time stress are those who allow others to generate their personal principles statement for them through their demands for


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