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MGT/311 MGT311 MGT 311 Week 1 Complete


MGT 311 Week 1 Complete Discussion 1. Review the section in Ch. 5 of your text titled, “An Ethical Choice: What If I Have the ‘Wrong Personality?’” As a manager, what do you if you have someone who scores low in desirable personality traits as described in the section, but their behavior does not reflect this? How would this affect your management of that employee? How might this affect the organization? Discussion 2. Read the article by Markos and Sridevi from the link on your materials page for week 1. Address the following items: a. Briefly summarize the article. b. Relate the article to the assigned reading and discussions. c. Relate the concepts of the article to your organization. d. Make recommendations for your organization based on the article. e. One citation from the article is required to support your discussion. Discussion 3. Which of the following employee characteristics have the greatest impact on employee behavior? 1) General attitudes 2) Job satisfaction 3) Emotions and moods 4) Personality 5) Values 6) Perception


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