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MGT/307 MGT307 MGT 307 Week 3 Complete


MGT 307 Week 3 Complete Discussion 1. What is the relationship between motivation and job satisfaction? Is your employer responsible for motivating you? Why or why not? How many managers motivate large and diverse populations of employees? What has been your experience with managers who do a good job motivating a team or individual? Discussion 2. Is taking no action an action? What are the possible ramifications of not taking action? How does your personal style for dealing with conflict affect your work team? How do your team and manager handle conflict? Learning Team Assignment – DISC Platinum Ruleâ„¢ Assessment and Workplace Observation Discussion Resources: DISC Platinum Ruleâ„¢ Assessment Complete the DISC Platinum Ruleâ„¢ Assessment. Each team member must complete the assessment. Using the assessment results, each team member must discuss the following: · A brief analysis of your individual dimensions of behavior, as outlined in the profile · A summary of your individual predominate behavioral style · A list of any strengths and weaknesses identified · A brief analysis of why you individually agree or disagree with the assessment Discuss the dimensions of behavior, as outlined in the DISC Platinum Ruleâ„¢ Assessment. Discuss each team member’s different behavioral styles, and the effect on the team. Prepare a 700-word executive summary of your discussion. This assignment is collaborative. All team members are expected to actively participate. Cite your references. If you used an electronic source, include the link. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


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