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MGMT 435 Unit 1 I P


You are starting to create the project’s WBS, focusing on the CRM implementation. Using the library, create a WBS for this part of the project, being sure to define the phases and the deliverables created in each phase. Choosing 1 deliverable, define the activities needed to create that deliverable. Also, define the dependencies between each of the activities.Use Microsoft Project to document the project’s WBS.Include a brief but specific appraisal of the usage of Microsoft Project as a tool for estimation and how this technology assists in project planning.Additionally, prepare a document with instructions as to the appropriate view to communicate the WBS to Ben and his team.Please refer to the following multimedia course material(s):Unit 1: Work Breakdown StructureUnit 1: Foundations for Effective ProjectUnit 1: Project Schedule DefinedUnit 1: FAQ: Activities


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