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MGMT/331 MGMT331 MGMT 331 Week5 Assignment 1


MGMT 331 Week5 Assignment 1 – Research and Written Assignment: Pipelines in our Communities Preparation Consider this information: While studying pipelines, it becomes obvious that pipelines are an integral part of our national transportation system. Many are right in our neighborhood, or very close to the city limits. To completely understand pipelines as a mode of transportation, it is important for you to research them. This activity asks you to learn about the pipelines that are part of our communities and the issues that surround them. Written Assignment In a word-processed document: • Locate the pipeline closest to your home. Provide as much information about this pipeline, including who owns it, when it was created, cargo, size, geographic boundaries, etc. • Identify one community the pipeline runs through, and then reflect on the concerns citizens there may have about the pipeline running through their community. • After researching pipelines and reading your textbook, do you believe pipelines should be considered a mode of transportation commensurate with trucks, trains and air cargo carriers? List five reasons why pipelines should (or should not) be considered a mode of transportation. All work must be grammatically-sound and free of spelling errors. Acceptable file formats are Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) or Rich Text Format (.rtf).


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