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MGMT/331 MGMT331 MGMT 331 WEEK 6 Discussion


MGMT 331 WEEK 6 Discussion: Transportation Marketing and Coordination Preparation Consider this information: In this module’s chapters, we see how transportation carriers have continually adjusted their daily routines to increase productivity and profits. The institution of the hub-and-spoke system after deregulation is one sweeping change. Discussion In this discussion activity, address the following: • Find one new marketing and coordination strategy instituted by a modal carrier within the past 12 months. In your original response posting, report the company’s name, URL (Web address) link for the company’s Web site, and in 5-7 sentences, explain the main idea and relate the information to content from the textbook. Appropriately cite specific textbook pp. numbers, where applicable. • Reply to at least two of your peers.


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