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MGMT/331 MGMT331 MGMT 331 Week 6 Assignment 2


MGMT 331 Week 6 Assignment 2- Intermodalism Transport Project Assignment Prompt and Topic Submission/Approval Preview Chapter 11, specifically the parts about intermodal transportation. As you have read about throughout the course and will do so further in the next module, intermodalism is a very big part of the transportation system. Your task is to use some form of intermodalism to transport a product. You will create a PowerPoint presentation that illustrates and concisely explains how you would use intermodal transport to do this. Guidelines are below. Start researching and developing the presentation during this module and over the next couple modules. You will be asked to post your PowerPoint presentation to the corresponding discussion forum in Module 9. Project Guidelines • Choose any product that may be shipped intermodally; however, if it is small, such as crab legs, you will need to use a carton, bushel, etc. • Research and plan how you would ship the product at least 500 miles. • Following all design rules for creating effective PowerPoint presentations, as outlined in the MS PowerPoint Basics tutorial linked in Activity 4.4, develop an illustrative and concise presentation composed of 13-15 slides that: o Introduces your product o Outlines the shipment process and procedures (Important Note: This project does NOT require you to actually ship any product.) o Answers or addresses the following:  What is the best way (most economical) to ship your product?  What forms of intermodal transportation did you use and why did you use them?  Compare at least three different pricing strategies for your product.  Select, or highlight, the pricing strategy best suited for the shipment of your product.  Discuss how you determined the strategy for your intermodal shipment, being sure to include sources and references used in your research.


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