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MGMT/331 MGMT331 MGMT 331 Week 5 Discussion


MGMT 331 Week 5 Discussion Focus Discussion: Alaska Oil Pipelines Video Presentation View the following video presentation to enhance and extend your learning of module content and to prepare for the discussion part of the activity. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mb_p1TkwSjc (Links to an external site.) Length: 3 minutes, 33 seconds Description/Instructions: View the video Visiting the Trans Alaska Oil Pipeline, posted on YouTube, by clicking the Play arrow in the video above. Source Web site: Alaska.org (Links to an external site.) Discussion In this discussion activity, address the following: • In your original primary posting: o Provide five facts from the the video Visiting the Trans Alaska Oil Pipeline. o Locate a current event news item on the Web about oil drilling and transportation issues in Alaska. Provide the title, URL (Web address) link, a synopsis (5-7 sentences) of the news event, and your insight on the issues raised by the journalist. • Reply to at least two of your peers.


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