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MGMT/331 MGMT331 MGMT 331 WEEK 4 Discussion


MGMT 331 WEEK 4 Discussion Focus Discussion: Air Cargo Carriers In this discussion activity, address the following: • Citing at least two different references (Web resource, industry journal article, textbook, etc.), explain which air cargo carrier you believe will lead the industry in the future. Provide a proper APA-style citation for each reference. • Study two other air cargo carriers (do not use the same carriers you’ve listed in response to the item above) and compare them using any three of the following categories of criteria (or other categories of criteria of your choosing): o countries serviced o products hauled o annual tonnage o operating costs o value of company o number of aircraft • After reading this chapter in your textbook, it is evident that air transportation only plays a small part in our national transportation system and, in fact, only accounts for about 4% of all transportation revenues. Describe at least FIVE things that the air cargo carriers can do to raise their level of revenues and better compete with trucks and trains. • Reply to at least two of your peers.


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