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MGMT 331 WEEK 4 ASSIGNMENT 1 ntermodalism Transport Project PowerPoint Presentation Tutorial and Practice Assignment Submit Assignment A MS PowerPoint (or alternative slideshow software – see tutorial below for a freeware option) presentation on the intermodal shipping of a product is required in Module 9. Further information about the assignment will be provided in Module 6. In this module, you will review a tutorial for using PowerPoint and create a simple and short PowerPoint to demonstrate your ability to use the tool. Click on the link below to review a tutorial for creating PowerPoint presentations. • Tutorial Link: MS PowerPoint Basics • Source: ERAU Worldwide Online. Create and submit a short PowerPoint presentation on a transportation-related topic of your choice. At least six slides must be present and the entire presentation must contain a minimum of: • 1 bulleted section • 1 image • 1 example of slide animation Ensure you cite sources for any copyrighted materials used or referred to in the presentation. All work must be grammatically-sound and free of spelling errors.


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