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MGMT/325 MGMT325 MGMT 325 Module 3 Review Quiz


MGMT 325 Module 3 Review Quiz Question 1 One way to make public affairs thinking truly relevant to the manager is to invite mangers to regular public policy debates show how it can improve the firm’s bottom line link achievement of the manager’s goals to public affairs provide clear assessments of the public affairs facing the manager Question 2 The next state of formalization beyond having a single person managing issues is organizing a new and independent department specifically to manage issues assigning the issues management function to a team, usually within the public affairs department appointing an assistant to help with the administrative details of categorizing issues and publishing the in-house newsletter hiring outside consultants to handle the process Question 3 The challenge in all managerial situations is to take what can be done and what should be done and find the most practical solution the most effective action a balance the least costly approach Question 4 Define what a core value is and provide an example of one. This can be one used by a current or previous employer, or you can craft one yourself. Please respond with a minimum of 100 words, and cite and reference any outside information used in your answer.


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