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MGMT/325 MGMT325 MGMT 325 Module 1 Case Study


MGMT 325 Module 1 Case Study: Assignment: New Belgium Brewery Complete the answers to the Five (5) questions at the end of Case 27, “New Belgium Brewery: Building a Business on Sustainability”, pp. 688-691. Case 27, “New Belgium Brewery: Building a Business on Sustainability” 1) What are the ethical issues in this case? 2) What keeps other companies from having the commitment to environmental sustainability that NBB has evidenced? 3) Are you more likely to purchase a product from a company with a strong commitment to sustainability? 4) The environmental sustainability benefits of cans over bottles are well established. Should NBB make a greater commitment to cans even if it means forgoing the distinctive aspects of its bottles and the potential loss of craft beer status in customers’ perceptions? 5) Are New Belgium Brewing’s Core Values and Beliefs sustainable? Or, will the company be forced by competition to revert to many of the traditional practices of other brewers?


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