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MGMT/308 MGMT308 MGMT 308 Module 3 Case Study


MGMT 308 Module 3 Case Study Re-submit Assignment Read the Case Study titled “A New Understanding of Terrorism (Links to an external site.)” (Pages 1-22). Consider the definition the author uses for terrorism and answer the questions: 1. Do you agree with this definition? Would you make any changes to it? Since this definition relies so heavily on Haves and Have-Nots, how is noticeable in American society? Would the protesters calling themselves The Other 99% qualify as terrorists? History of Terrorism, History Channel (Links to an external site.)(4:55), How do the perspectives of the motives of terrorists differ from those described in the chapter? How are they the same? Respond to the following questions: 1. In your opinion what is the best method to take a preventative or proactive stance against terror? What new laws could be enforced? Have other public policy issues taken precedence over public safety? 2. Have other nations developed more effective methods for preventing terrorist attacks? Research the policies of one other country and give examples.


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