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Methods of impersonal coordination


Methods of impersonal coordination 1. The most highly developed form of impersonal coordination comes with the adoption of a __________ form of departmentation. a) matrix. b) divisional. c) functional. d) network. e) hybrid. 2. All of the following are methods of impersonal coordination EXCEPT: a) use of specialized department to coordinate across units. b) use of the matrix structure. c) use of cross-functional task forces. d) use of direct managerial contact through committee assignments. e) use of management information systems to form electronic networks. 3. Max Weber argued that organizations would thrive if they became __________ by emphasizing legal authority, logic, and order. a) formalized structures. b) departmental structures. c) bureaucracies. d) network structures. e) functional structures. 4. The two basic types of bureaucracies are __________ and ___________. a) matrix; functional b) mechanistic; organic c) network; matrix d) functional; divisional e) mechanistic; departmental 5. The __________ type of bureaucracy emphasizes vertical specialization and control. a) divisionalized. b) mechanistic. c) departmental. d) organic. e) matrix. Economics Assignment Help, Economics Homework help, Economics Study Help, Economics Course Help


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