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Methods of coordination produce synergy


Methods of coordination produce synergy 1. Assigning managers to various committees is a __________ method of coordination. a) personal. b) impersonal. c) statutory. d) institutional. e) functional. 2. Which statement does NOT provide an accurate characterization of committees? a) managers are often assigned to numerous committees to improve coordination across departments. b) committees can be effective in communicating complex qualitative information. c) committees are generally inexpensive and have a very good reputation. d) committees can help managers whose units must work together to adjust schedules, workloads, and work assignments in order to increase productivity. e) committees can become an effective personal mechanism for mutual adjustment across unit heads. 3. In selecting a __________ of coordination to use, the manager needs to know the individuals involved, their preferences, and the accepted approaches in different organizational units. a) impersonal method. b) statutory method. c) institutional method. d) personal method. e) functional method. 4. __________ methods of coordination produce synergy by stressing consistency and standardization so that individual pieces fit together. a) Impersonal b) Statutory c) Institutional d) Personal e) Functional 5. __________ coordination methods are often refinements and extensions of process controls with an emphasis on formalization and standardization. a) Personal b) Institutional c) Impersonal d) Statutory e) Authoritative Economics Assignment Help, Economics Homework help, Economics Study Help, Economics Course Help


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