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Merger Proposal



Using the case study found here: http://cb.hbsp.harvard.edu/cb/pl/9492537/9492539/87ee69127091a61a51b2f11df6380ff1 Introduction: In this task, you will develop a presentation with recommendations to the combined board of directors on key aspects of the merger process in “Utah Symphony and Utah Opera: A Merger Proposal” case study. The presentation will encompass the coming year’s strategic goals, assuming the merger happens. The strategic goals for the first year include the following: • Integrate the business process of the two companies • Reduce overall expenses as a percentage of profit • Retain key employees • Maintain audience base for both the opera and the symphony • Identify and pursue synergistic opportunities between the two companies Task: A. Compare each company’s culture before the merger to the four types of organizational cultures, using the Competing Values Framework. 1. Compare how the organizational structure of each company differs in terms of distribution of authority and decision making. 2. Discuss what key factors will be critical in the new company’s culture to best ensure it supports the first-year strategic goals. B. Propose an audience strategy for Anne Ewers to use when preparing to speak with the opera contractors and orchestra employees. 1. Prepare a message strategy for Anne to use to best ensure key members of the opera contractors and the orchestra employees are retained. C. Recommend two technology tools that can be used after the merger to help the companies merge their administrative technology applications. 1. Map the implementation of these tools to the company’s strategic goals.


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