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Marketing Strategies of PepsiCo


10 page paper Remember that besides researching the topic further than what your text offers for your Literature Review section, you want to tie whatever topic you choose to the company you select. This is a case study and the study involves a company in with which you have a significant connection. You may include interviews, and/or personal observations and experiences. STEP 3 – Layout of the paper: Title/Cover Page – Include Title of paper, your name, course number, date, and faculty name. Table of Contents – If you write an outline of your paper first, this outline will become your table of contents with page numbers Executive Summary (1-2 pages) – This is a “summary” of the entire paper. Literature Review of the Topic (3-5 pages) – This is a review of published material in this topic area. Use of Journals, Books, etc. would be relevant. Analyze what your chosen company does in the area of your chosen topic (5-7 pages). This is the area where you analyze the primary research outcome of the interviews that one teammate has conducted. What works What does not work What needs improvement Recommendations to Management (1-2 pages) References STEP 4 – Additional Information Remember that your section on the Literature Review MUST be cited and referenced in APA format. You may not borrow anything from anywhere without giving credit to the authors and the publication. Everything that is not from your own head must be cited and referenced (in all sections of the paper). The only place where you might not need to cite and reference as much is the section where you analyze your company and the recommendations to management. The conclusion of the paper should end with “Recommendations to Management”. How could your company make it better? The ideal final project would be a product that you could actually present to your management. STEP 5 – Executive Summary Even though this is the first written page in the paper, this is the very last part that you write. After you have written your entire paper, you write a short 1 or 2 page summary of what is in your paper. In other words, if you were to give a proposal to a very busy executive, s/he would not have time to sit down and read 3 or 4 proposals. That executive would read the Executive Summary of all of those proposals and if s/he came across one that looked more interesting, that is the one that would get read in its entirety. That is what an Executive Summary is. You may send this document as an attachment provided you do a thorough virus check. Send it to the Assignments newsgroup. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= WARNING: As you move along with the project, be sure to back up your work on a CD or Flash Drive or print what you have done to date every time you add something. The last thing you want to do is to start all over in Week 8 when your computer crashes. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ADDITIONAL INFORMATION * When in doubt, cite and reference. * Whenever you use numbers (stats), tell us where they came from. * In any place where the question can be asked “Who says?” make sure you tell us who says. * If you use a direct quote, your citation must include the page or paragraph number. * Put the references on a separate page at the end of the paper. * Double space….. no extra space between paragraphs….. indent the first line of each paragraph five spaces or one tab stop. * To double space in Word, go to “Format” and “Paragraph” and “Line Spacing” and set it for “Double”. (Note: This is the way that your dissertation will be prepared so this is a good practice for you). * Paragraphs must have 2 or more sentences. * 12 point font….. black….. Times New Roman or Arial * Don’t start a sentence with a numeral. For example: 80% of those surveyed were…… (This is not correct. It should be) Eighty percent of those surveyed were….. * Do not write in the first person. Refer to yourself as “this res


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