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Three Pages. PEER REVIEWED JOURNALS PEER REVIEWED JOURNALS only, PEER REVIEWED JOURNALS I am again saying use PEER REVIEWED JOURNALS the sources should be from PEER REVIEWED JOURNALS Make sure that it is an Essay and APA Style 1. Select an existing company that you want to use for the final paper. 2. Prepare a three-page paper where you describe the company you select and begin your research on the market mix for the company you wish to analyze. The marketing mix is product, price, promotion, and place (physical distribution). Provide basic information about the company you are researching, where it is located, financial condition, and so on. 3. Develop the rationale for your marketing plans i.e., establish the Marketing Objectives. Explain what the purpose of your study is but at this point your paper should only be three pages. You will complete your analysis in the Final Paper. This is just to give an idea of what to cover. Details are discussed in grading rubric for marketing plan. 4. Also list the Competitors and discuss the competitors’ analysis. Discuss the competitive advantage of the organization w.r.t your competitors’. 5. Be sure to include proper APA citations in both Assignment 1 and your Final Paper. Use appropriate headings and sub-headings to clearly explain your point. 6. Make sure to refer to WSJ/Business week and/ or research databases to get information. Try using atleast 3 or more research articles to substantiate and validate your information. As the research is about the existing information so every information has to be backed by research. The Assignment should be no more than three pages in length. ( Actually ) ( I have chosen I Phone 4 from Apple as a specific and compare it with The Blackberry Touch the new one )… Could you please include my three objectives in the research which are : 1- Why do people like to get it rather getting the BlackBerry Touch ? 2- What is the feature in this product that not in the BlackBerry Touch ? 3- who buys this product more than the BlackBerry Touch?


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