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Link America is a telecommunications company which offers the full range of communication services such as the provision of infrastructure, equipments and installation services. The organization offers its products and services to customers from all sectors (Link America). This paper will discuss the marketing strategies which Link America can adopt to achieve its organizational goals. Link America provides secure communications services across all sectors and is dedicated to servicing our customers with quality equipment, engineering services, integration solutions and warehouse management and logistics. We are an innovator in deploying advanced services in the 4.9 GHz licensed wireless spectrum for government (public safety, police, fire, EMS) and non-government networks (transportation, utilities, private sector). Target Market A target market which Link America should focus on will be business organizations in the transportation industry. This is organizations in the transportation industry needs to be highly efficient such as to deliver goods on time or to be on right route on time. As such, communication is highly important so that the various departments and employees in these organizations can communicate and ensure that the organization is operating efficiently and all processes are on time. Hence, these are firms which require the sophisticated and effective communications systems which Link America can offer. Furthermore, given the large size of United States and the large number of firms in the transportation industry, it makes this target market a highly attractive one with huge growth potential. Link America provides scalable Warehouse Management services from 42 strategic facilities worldwide, servicing a wide array of global customers and handling $6 billion of throughput yearly. We administer every process in the supply chain, from inventory planning and procurement to fulfillment and returns – including logistics and tracking, kitting and assembly, high-volume warehouse and distribution, and returns receiving, restocking, and warranty administration. Our Regional Stocking Location programs consistently achieve a 98% or better on-time delivery performance. We stock our RSLs with critical spares inventories and coordinate all shipments/fulfillments to the field from these sites, eliminating the need for our customers to carry product in their Central Stock and keeping capital expenditures off their books until units are actually shipped. And our integrated IT systems provide total online visibility and facilitate optimal inventory levels. Link America’s inventory management and IT expertise can also be deployed to enhance your existing warehousing operations. We provide Rack and Stack and Cabinet assemblies, which can be easily and efficiently ordered via our E. Configuration system, which allows viewing of our product catalog, equipment configuration, technical drawings and specifications, and real-time order status and tracking. We design and engineer Wireless and Wire line networks, supply Electronic Tracking and Ordering Systems (ETOS) software, and manage all projects via edges – the Electronic Data Gathering and Engineering System, which provides our internal teams and our customers with web-based project management capabilities, offering complete project status transparency and detailing assigned resources, materials milestones, quality assurance status and results, and more. With many satisfied customers including AT&T, Comcast, Motorola, Verizon, and T-Mobile, Link America is the proven Warehouse Management and Logistics solution. Transportation • Provides a consistent communication connection between vehicles, drivers and staff. • Provides ways to visually track assets (vehicles) for security and safety • Shows traffic flow and operational elements in real time. -4.9 provide the means to communicate within the network safely and securely through voice, vid


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