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Marketing plan for a product or service


Selling steel online. for example , insted of a company u make it like an internet service which makes it easy for consumers to oreder an buy. Marketing Plan you have to tell me what is the product going to be before u start working. and i have to agree with you on that. Instructions: Students are to write a marketing plan for a product or service of their creation (You may NOT use a current product of service) using the provided outline. The length of the plan should be between 10-12 pages not including cover sheet, table of contents sheet, and references page (All in-text quotes, and paraphrases must be put into APA format, along with the references page), Times New Roman Font, 12 point, double spaced paragraphs. Do Not use bullet points, you are to write out your thoughts and ideas in paragraph form. The paper is worth 20 point a perfect score on the assignment will be 20/20. Students will be graded on content as well as writing style, misspelled words, poor grammar, and failure to cite work properly will result in loss of points. 1) Executive Summary Provide an overview of the company, the name, location, ownership, briefly describe what the company will be doing and why. 2) Problem Statement What is the current problem that you are attempting to solve? 3) Industry Analysis What industry are you going to be providing a product or service for? What is the culture of that industry? Is it growing? Shrinking? Does the industry have room for another company such as yours? What are some Opportunities and Threats within the industry? Provide a rationale. 4) Competitor Analysis Who and what are the other companies in the industry? Are they big, small, medium? What are their Strengths and Weaknesses? 5) Consumer/Market What is your targeted market? Why are they such? What are the demographics of the consumer you are attempting to reach? Provide a rationale. 6) Marketing Strategy Provide a detailed description of the product and or service you intend to provide. What is the price, place (distribution), promotional strategies you intend to provide. Explain the rationale behind each. 7) Projections/Budget What is the cost of delivering your product and or service; create a small budget that shows the financial projections of the company. Provide a rationale as to why and how you came up with those numbers. 8) Action Steps What is the next course of action? How will you go ahead and put this plan into motion. Explain.


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