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I have 2 papers that I must complete (assignment 1 and assignment 2) these two papers must be about the same product. Assignment #1 – Market Segmentation and Product Positioning. The student is required to prepare a 4-5 page research plan to support introducing the Product and Service for “Your Marketing Plan” to the U.S. market. In addition to stating your marketing objectives, the student is required to: 1. Identify the marketing segment for the product and explain why this segment was selected; 2. Discuss the target market and why these customers will be targeted; 3. Conduct a SWOT (strengths, weakness, opportunities and treats) analysis for the company; 4. Describe the market position for your product and service. Support your recommendations with at least 2 reference sources that discuss the nature of the product, use of market research methods related to the product, or considerations in conducting research, and cite your references using APA style. The report will be graded using the following rubric. Assignment #2 -Marketing Strategy for Products This activity is part of your marketing plan. Prepare a 4-5 page report, addressing the following: MKT500 Student Version 201004 [1002 1/23/10] Page 9 of 23 1. Discuss the type of product the company will offer and identify its primary characteristics. 2. Discuss the product branding strategy. 3. Discuss how the product fits within a product line and the depth and breadth of the line. 4. Explain how the product and target market strategies fit with the organizational strategy. Use at 2 references to support the discussion on the product, product characteristics, and target market.


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