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Marketing Management


Case – Marketing at Vanguard. Students will respond to the following: o Analyze the four Vanguard client services areas of full-service institutional, investment-only institutional, core retail, and high-net-worth retail using the Boston Consulting Group Matrix. o Design a marketing strategy for each type of service at Vanguard. o Discuss the competitive advantage that Vanguard may have in the market place. __________________________________________ Class discussion: Chapter 14 Video – Timbuk2. Students will respond to the following: o Given the management adage, “You measure what matters”, discuss what matters to Timbuk2. o Discuss which metrics you might expect to see on Timbuk2’s dashboard. o Why do you think it is important for Timbuk2 to meet so often with its staff — daily instead of quarterly? o How would expanding its product line potentially impact sales? Discuss some ideas for potential product lines that Timbuk2 might consider carrying.


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