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Marketing Management


Green Motorcar Company, Inc. The Green Motorcar company is producing a new car. It is a flex-fuel plug-in hybrid. A flex-fuel vehicle has an engine that runs on various combinations of ethanol, methanol, and gasoline. The engine drives a generator that charges the battery, which then drives the car. It’s also possible to charge the battery by plugging the car into a standard wall outlet. It’s called a hybrid because it is able to run on the battery alone or with the flex-fuel engine. The car features many new innovations, including the flex-fuel feature and the plug-in. ASSIGNMENT Develop your distribution strategy for the car. In order to develop the strategy, answer the following questions: What will be your initial pricing strategy and what will be your ultimate pricing strategy? How will you focus it on your target market? Next, what will be your distribution strategy? How will you create a dealer network for the car? How will the dealer network enable you to effectively reach your target market? Marketing Management Assignment Help, Marketing Management Homework help, Marketing Management Study Help, Marketing Management Course Help


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