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Marketing Homework Help


Marketing Homework Help This should be no more than 500 words Choose a specific incident from your life that you could have handled more effectively. Analyse the incident and derive actions or strategies that you can use next time to improve your management practice should you encounter a similar event. You should draw on concepts covered in the course. Use the following headings to present your review: Selected Incident: Provide a very brief description of a specific incident that you could have handled more effectively. Outline the problem clearly so that you set the scene for your reader and provide a basis for your analysis, but don’t go into excessive detail. It is important to have a clearly focused starting point for any analytical piece of work. Analysis: Look for relevant course concepts to identify why you did not think and act as effectively as you might have. Make sure you clearly identify those concept to which you are referring (maybe print them in bold font). Do not definitions of the concept, instead, show your understanding of relevant concepts by the way you apply them to analyse how you handled the event. Improvement planning: Reflect on your analysis and derive alternative actions or strategies that you will take to manage similar situations more effectively. Explain how you would evaluate your effectiveness at applying HC1031 Managing People and Organisations T1 2017 8 the proposed actions you have identified. Suggest any possible obstacles that you may encounter (e.g. emotions, lack of time, insufficient resources, unsupportive colleagues) and how you will address them.


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