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Marketing Homework Help Unit 2 First Response Needed MHCM632 Unit 2 DB 1 Common Ethical and Legal Health Care Dilemmas In today’s health care industry, many technological changes have occurred that affect hospitals and other entities. Health care professionals see themselves as being more hindered in their work by all the new rules, regulations, and guidelines. There are methods to keep privacy protocols in place for pa tients. Ethics, morals, and the legal system are some of the ways behaviors are kept under control. Ethics and morals are based on individual feel ings in any given situation . The diversity in the population of the U.S. makes it necessary for other cultures to be recognized for their differences, also. Professionals and other employees at the facility must follow the rules and regulations inside the facility where they are employed. If not, they are subject to be reprimanded according to the misdeed. The need for guidelines in the facility makes it possible for businesses to go smoothly and for patients to feel safe and secure when they are housed in the hospital. Patients are also concerned about their Personal Health Information. Their information should be housed in the EHR and EMR system, monitored by the Health Information Manager, and away from persons who should not see it. Not protecting the information allows the patients to file claims against the hospital and the responsible person. Handling p atients ‘ health information, without the patients’ MHCM632 Unit 2 2 c ommon e thical and l egal h ealth c are d ilemmas authorization, is wrong and could lead to f raud and abuse. If this happens and patients feel this has happened, they can file a tort for damages againse the hospital and the person who caused the problem ( Pozgar , 2016) . I am aware of many topics that I would be interested in writing about in my final paper, but would like a little more time to make my decision. I especially like the ethical and legal parts of my class and will do an outline and get started on my research for my project. References Pozgar , G. D. (2016). Legal and e thical i ssues for h ealth p rofessionals, 4th Edition . [Bookshelf Online]. Retrieved from https://online.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781284089530/


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