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Marketing homework Help


Marketing homework Help Need someone to do a survey assignment for me Survey project Instructions For this assignment, you will design a survey to investigate social media and a topic of your choosing. Your topic must focus on a specific social media medium (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) AND a specific element of social media use. Some example topics: Facebook and friendship Instagram and self-presentation Snapchat and news consumption Reddit and productivity Facebook and political engagement What do I turn in? In two to three paragraphs, explain your topic, why it is important, and why it can be addressed using a survey. Explain what would make a good sample. Additionally, explain which sampling method would be appropriate. Justify your choices. Then, using the guidelines discussed in class and in your book (Babbie, chapter 9), create a survey. Questions should be properly formatted. Please note: You are not actually collecting data. The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your survey question writing skills, you knowledge of question types, and your knowledge of variable types. *** The survey must have a minimum of 30 questions (with response sets). Note: Five questions must be scale-­‐type questions Five must be semantic differentials Five must be numeric-­‐answer questions You may choose the format for the remaining 15 questions (don’t forget to include demographics). *** For each survey question you write, include the following: (1) A justification of why you are asking the question (what is the question measuring?). This should be accomplished in about one to two sentences. (2) An explanation of what level of measurement the question involves (nominal, ordinal, scale, or ratio). This should be accomplished in about one sentence.


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