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Marketing homework help


1. What is the strategy of the company? 2. What economic, political, environmental, or social issues are important to the launch of your product? 3. What raw materials, parts, and subassemblies will you need? What location (country/state/city) is best suited to provide the material? 4. What tools and/or information can you use to negotiate the best prices for the materials needed to produce your product? 5. What is the sales forecast for the product? 6. What measures will you use to ensure the product quality? 7. What type of inventory policies will you implement to ensure product availability on the shelf and/or fast delivery from online orders? 8. Where will you locate the production and/or assembly facility? Describe the transportation options needed to create the most value for your product. 9. In the event that one student further develops the group product idea, markets and successfully sells the product, what compensation, if


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