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Marketing homework help


Case Analysis: 1. Did this research result from planned or unplanned change? Is the research discovery- or strategy-oriented? Explain. What is an appropriate decision problem? Explain. 2. Suppose that the mean score for “good service” is 4.1 on the 5-point “definitely no – definitely yes” scale (see survey). What can you conclude from this information? How might this score be given more meaning? Explain. 3. How important are each of the various attributes of retail stores to young consumers in this market? Present your answer using (a) mean scores and standard deviations, and (b) two-boxes. Technically speaking, can Bethany conclude that service is more important than atmosphere to these consumers? Consider performing a paired samples t-test to determine whether one attribute is judged to be more important than another (i.e. service vs. atmosphere). 4. In terms of service quality and employee helpfulness, do perceptions of Marty’s Department Store differ for those who have visited the store versus those who have not? What would your results mean to Bethany Tate, if anything? 5. Overall, how does Marty’s Department Store compare with Naples Clothing Co. on key attributes? It may be helpful to put the data in table format to view comparisons. You may present the results in two-box format. However, because of the increased statistical power, tests of differences should be undertaken using mean scores on the attributes. Are any differences statistically significant? If so, what do they mean?


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