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Marketing homework help


Perceptual Map Assignment Step 1: Create Perceptual Map List 10 fast food restaurants. Consider what a typical lunch would be like at each place. Use their websites if you need to review the menu. Rank them from least to most expensive. Then, using the same 10 restaurants, rank them from the least to the most healthy. Form “dimensions” with these rankings and then create a perceptual map illustrating the fast-food market formed by these 10 restaurants. Step 2: Interview consumers Interview three consumers. Ask them about their concerns when choosing a fast-food restaurant. Using these results, estimate the location of the ideal points for different fast-food markets on the perceptual map that you developed in Step 1. Step 3: Executive Summary Prepare 2-3 double spaced pages paper based on this assignment. Be sure to indicate potential opportunities that exist within this market. Also state which restaurants appear to have the best and the worst positioning, respectively and why? The paper should be subdivided into three sections: 1. Objective 2. Methodology 3. Key Findings


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