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Marketing Chobani Expands To Desserts, Dips


Marketing Chobani Expands To Desserts, Dips Chobani Inc. is venturing beyond the basic yogurt cups that made it famous, with plans to launch an array of new Greek yogurt products this year, including desserts and dips. The top seller of Greek yogurt in the U.S. is hoping the products will allow it to gain traction with consumers “beyond breakfast” to help continue its growth. The new products, which Chobani plans to start selling this summer and fall of 2014, include pudding-like desserts in raspberry dark chocolate and dulce de leche flavors that it hopes will compete with ice cream. It also will sell yogurt dips to woo fans of hummus, guacamole and Greek tzatziki. In your view, will the company’s strategy to market the above new products be successful? Why or Why not? Write 3 Paragraph!!!!! Write 3 Paragraph!!!!!


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