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Discussion 1: In discussion number 1, please post how your market yourself to others – physically (eye contact, posture, “vibes” (they are very transparent) and other non-verbal gestures – hand shakes, facial expressions, etc. Really important as 80% of communication is done non-verbally. Then, think about how you verbally position/market yourself – your voice and your ability to listen. Confidence in what you are saying and thinking about what you are going to say before you say it. And, finally how do you use social media to market yourself. Discussion 2: Being a socially responsible company is not only the right thing to do, but makes companies more PROFIT through positive WOM, customer retention, having a clear point of difference vs the competition. This is the value of a brand.Many businesses, but not all, understand the long term brand equity that this builds However, many companies are short-sided and operate under “buyer beware.” Please do some research on what this means. Please share a story about a company that operates under “buyer beware” and post your story. Discussion 3: FOR YOUR DISCUSSION THIS WEEK, I WOULD LIKE YOU EACH TO POST ONE TIME on an example, either one that you have personally experienced, or one you have read about, of a company that failed to understand cultural differences and, therefore, failed to meet their expectations for selling their product or service. Discussion 4: Please read the text assignment, view the online lecture , and read the three articles on Tide in the module before proceeding with this assignment. P&G to Test Cheaper Tide Brand (July 2009).pdf P&G Ends Tide Basic Test (WSJ, June 2010).pdf Why Tide Detergent Still Does Over a Third of Americans’ Laundry _ Adweek 2012.pdf Procter & Gamble announces a mid-priced Tide (USA Today, Sept 2013).pdf At P&G, New Tide Comes In, Old Price Goes Up (Feb 2014).pdf YouTube: Birth of an Icon: TIDE (Product X) Tide is one of P&G’s strongest brands. But like many P&G products, it was targeted to middle class consumers, and today the middle class in the U. S. is becoming smaller. To deal with this issue, several years ago, P&G introduced a cheaper version of Tide; that product never reached national rollout. Currently, however, P&G is offering a cheaper version, Tide Simply, across the U.S. Visit tide.com to see how P&G is build that brand and how it has positioned it. In light of this information and any other you may have from personal experience with Tide, how do you think Simply Tide “fits” with the overall brand. You might also consider your mental associations with the Tide brand and consider whether the cheaper versions weaken that branding. A couple of years ago, P&G decided against a national rollout for Basic, but now Simply Tide is on store shelves. Why? Be sure to be specific in your answer.


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