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Market Research and Consumer Buying Behavior


1-2 pages (Original Only, No Plagiarism) Details: Throughout the course, you will be developing a marketing research proposal. For this unit, complete the following tasks: • Select a research topic. • Define the research problem. • Develop the research approach. Use course materials, the Internet, and/or the Library to support your work. Objective: • Develop a marketing research proposal. • Design a research project including defining the research problem, developing an approach to it, and formulating the research design. • Use effective communication techniques. Instructor Comments: This paper, as with all papers produced for your classes, should be researched and written with the same professionalism you would dedicate to a report to your management. Get into the practice of presenting yourself in the best possible way in every thing you do, including your written assignments. Spell check your work, familiarize yourself with APA guidelines (Library) and cite your references (sources, your text, Web sites, interviews). If you are not sure of your writing ability, have someone whose skills you respect review it for you before submitting it. Personal and written presentations are critical to career success. This assignment will consist of 5 parts and continues throughout the course. Each week will involve building another step toward completing your final research proposal, due in week 5. The AIU Library contains many useful full-text databases that offer valuable information for market research designs and projects. The AIU Librarians can assist with learning to use the professional research databases and in finding information, a valuable skill for any marketing professional.


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