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Managers can attempt to forecast future political actions


Managers can attempt to forecast future political actions 1. Political skills as an antidote for stress include all of the following EXCEPT: a) the ability to use practical intelligence. b) the ability to be calculating and shrewd about social connections. c) the ability to match the right people for the right jobs based on experience and skills. d) the ability to inspire trust and confidence. e) the ability to deal with individuals having a wide variety of backgrounds, styles and personalities. 2. Which statement about political forecasting is false? Managers can attempt to forecast future political actions by a) placing themselves in the position of other persons involved in critical decisions or events. b) examining the benefits for all concerned parties with respect to each decision and action. c) considering the costs to all involved parties regarding each decision and action. d) spontaneously taking action with little thought. e) framing the situation in the context of a political payoff matrix. 3. Which one of the following statements about subunit power is accurate? a) international units are typically more powerful than are staff groups. b) units toward the bottom of the organizational hierarchy are often more powerful than those toward the top. c) subtle power differentials are found among units at or near the same level in a firm. d) every unit has the same power. e) units have no power. 4. __________ links managers more formally to one another as representatives of their work units. a) political savvy. b) political movement. c) political eventfulness. d) political response. e) political action. 5. With respect to political action and subunit power, __________ linkages involve formal staff units that have special expertise. a) workflow. b) approval. c) service. d) advisory. e) auditing. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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