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I have two assignments due by tomorrow morning and I have no idea what I am doing. My sections are listed below in the highlighted sections. The Investor Profile paper seemed to be fairly straightforward regarding splitting up the sections among the team. Please provide about a 100 words for each section. That should keep us within the word count requirements. The Inventory Profile paper is going to be on Cisco. The Final report assignment will be on both Cisco and Hewlett Packard. However, the final report looked a little more difficult to split up as there are three main sections to write about regarding the ratios. So if anyone has any other ideas on how to split up the final report other than how I describe below please provide your feedback by Wednesday evening so we all have time to prepare. Of the three main sections in the Final Report, I recommend we break up into three teams of two. Each team needs to select two common ratios to address each section that will be applied to both of the companies (Cisco and Hewlett Packard) over a two year period. Each team of two people please write about 250 words (125 words each person) for each of the three sections (a, b, and c). Then someone needs to do an overall evaluation of the results comparing to two companies. I would prefer the person doing the overall evaluation with intro and conclusion (conclusion can be the overall evaluation) not to have to wait until Monday for input from everyone. The earlier the better. Is team input for the first three sections of the Final Report by Saturday night too early for anyone? Since there are two assignments, we really need to get all the input (both papers) by Sunday evening. I can do the final editing, formatting, and submitting for both papers if everyone has their input in by Sunday evening. Investor Profile Paper Select one of the organizations you have been analyzing throughout the course. Using the organization’s financials or the Mergent-online database in the University Library, prepare a 350-700-word paper in which you address the following: a. Identify two lenders the firm uses Dave. b. Identify the investment bank the firm uses to issue stock and the Stock and Bond issues the company has outstanding. c. Identify and discuss the role these intermediaries play for the firm and the markets they operate in. d. Discuss which government entities regulate the securities that this firm issues. e. Examine the role that these entities play for investors

Introduction & Conclusion Be sure to properly cite your references. Final Report Review the following scenario: The CEO of your firm has asked that you compare the two firms you selected. Obtain the financial statements for both firms under investigation and perform the following tasks. Prepare a 700-1,050-word summary comparing the companies two most recent fiscal years based upon the following: Calculate ratios for each company and then compare one to the other.
(Two people sign up for each section a, b, and c. Work together to pick two ratios and use the same two ratios for both companies) a. Profitability Ratios Dave b. Management Efficiency Ratios =Total assets turnover ratio c. Leverage Ratios Select and calculate at least 2 financial ratios from each of the above categories and reference to your assigned course materials. Analyze both fiscal years. Finally, evaluate the annual results to interpret how the companies compare to each other. 
Introduction & Conclusion


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