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Management discussion


Choose a well-known organization and research and identify the educational, social, psychological, and ethical qualities that the organization seeks in its employees. Post your responses in paragraph form (minimum of 300-400 words) to the questions below. What are some of the strategies the company could take to ensure that it hires and retains the type of employee it seeks? In addition research and report on what the organization is doing to foster ethical behavior and a common value system among all its employees. Assume you are the human resources manager in thecompany. Draft the contents of an advertisement seeking to hire an employee for a management position (of your choice) in the organization, to be placed in a prominent magazine, newspaper or web based job board. The advertisement shouldattract managerial candidates with the qualities, traits, behavior and values desired by the organization and discussed in your paper. Your research should use and cite at least two viable sources. Some suggestions are the company’s website, annual report, articles in reputable publications, etc. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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