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Functions of Management Management is broken down into four basic functions: Controlling, Leading, Organizing and Planning. Continuing with the scenario from unit 1, as part of management you now need to make a decision about how to manufacture the product; you have 3 possible options: Establish manufacturing of all components and final assembly. Establish assembly only operation with components purchased from local vendors. Outsource the entire manufacturing operation to an offshore company. Click here if you would like to see a What-If Analysis for this assignment. After making your decision, write a 2–3 page APA paper that: Describes the characteristics of the four functions of management. Describes your manufacturing option decision. Explains the pros and cons of that decision and the logic you used in reaching that decision. Discusses the impact that decision might have on the controlling, leading, organizing, and planning functions of management. Please submit your assignment of 2–3 pages in APA


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