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M5D1: Employment Issues: Hiring, Promotions, and Terminations.


As managers, we are regularly faced with complex situations that have ethical dimensions. Whether the ethical dimension is acknowledged or not, it exists as an inherent part of the decision-making process. The ethical dimensions of employment issues are often overlooked in day-to-day management activities. Managers control the hiring process, promotions, and terminations. As we all know, these are highly complex decisions that affect overall company performance. There are systems in place to help many managers make decisions; however, these systems often don’t address the ethical dimensions of the decisions. In our reading material in this module, we explored the ethical implications of management choices and the moral concerns associated with our decisions. M5D1: Employment Issues: Hiring, Promotions, and Terminations. For your discussion: Use the EC Library to locate an article that addresses the ethical issues associated with hiring, promotions, or terminations. This article can be a peer reviewed research-based journal article or a magazine/newspaper story. Analyze the management situation using all of the three major approaches to ethics (utilitarian, rights and duties, and fairness and justice). Identify the underlying moral/ethical dilemma in the situation. Describe how managers can address the inherent ethical dimensions of this situation.


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