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LTC/328 LTC328 LTC 328 Week 1 Complete


LTC 328 Week 1 Complete Discussion 1. According to this week’s readings what techniques can an LTC (Long Term Care) administrator use to ensure that his or her own behavior is ethical? Discussion 2. In a 200 word statement, please tell the class what you learned about patient rights. What information from Evashwick and Riedel (2004) was surprising to you? Individual Assignment – Letter to the Editor In your local newspaper, an article was written about the crimes and harms perpetrated against the older population and the lack of protection for many of them. The article ends with the question, “Who is responsible for protecting these individuals?” Resources: Letter to the Editor Grading Criteria located on your student website Write a 700- to 1,050-word letter to the editor explaining what responsibilities society has for protecting the rights of older adults. Choose three of the questions below to address in your letter: · When should families be responsible for related older adults? When should they not? Does this only pertain to immediate family members? · When should friends or acquaintances be responsible? What if their choices go against the family’s wishes? · When should hospitals, community service organizations, or other long-term care facilities be allowed to make major decisions for older adult individuals? · When should the government be responsible for making important decisions? How involved should the government be in protecting the individual? Is there ever a circumstance when an older adult does not need outside protection? When would that be? Explain your answers.


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