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LS/311 LS311 LS 311 Unit 7 Discussion


LS 311 Unit 7 Discussion The Impact of the UETA Candie, CARDWARE’s model, advertised a one-of-a-kind black and white llama sweater that had an iPod slot on the inside left panel. The ad was placed online and read as follows: FOR SALE: One-of-a-kind black and white llama sweater as modeled by Candie Cardware. Worn only once in Barcelona’s Fashionista Extravaganza Fashion Show. Includes iPod. $450. Free shipping. Contact me if interested at CCmodeling.com. For some reason, the word “slot” that was to follow the word iPod and was cut off of the ad. Delilah saw the ad and thought, “Wow what a bargain! A one-of-a-kind Candie Cardware sweater and an iPod for $450 is something that cannot be beat.” Delilah immediately emailed her reply to Candie as follows: “What a great buy! I’ll take it. Please make sure the iPod is securely wrapped. Let’s meet so I can give you the amount of purchase in cash.” [Signed Delilah] Candie replied to Delilah, “I’m sorry there is no iPod with the sweater. It was supposed to be iPod slot.” [Signed Candie] Research whether or not there was a contract and 1. Discuss the UETA provisions concerning the meaning and records of signatures. 2. Discuss whether the above facts place the issue within the jurisdiction of the UETA.


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