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LS/311 LS311 LS 311 Unit 6 Discussion


LS 311 Unit 6 Discussion Legality of Assignments Bo Jenkins, (Camille’s second ex-husband) and Camille have a sporting accessories store together. Camille bought Bo’s share of the store but continues to rent to him so that business can be conducted as usual. One of the biggest customer draws to the store is Bo, as he was a world famous international triathlon runner whose name has been endorsed by a multitude of sporting goods manufacturers. Bo has decided he and Rana, a former friend of Camille’s will be entering into European ventures together. As such, Bo has orally assigned his lease to Rana’s daughter Fauna. Bo has given Camille oral notice of the assignment. Fauna was a model and knows fashion and has sold items that would look great with some of the accessories in the store. Camille objects to the assignment claiming that the store is a specialty store and personal in nature and therefore cannot be assigned. Please respond using the information from your Reading and be sure to do the following: 1. Discuss whether or not the assignment is valid. 2. Analyze whether or not the rights can be assigned or if they are prohibited under the basic rules of assignments.


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