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LS/311 LS311 LS 311 Unit 2 Discussion


LS 311 Unit 2 Discussion Slogans and Trade Dress Infringement As you know, CARDWARE likes to delve into clothing styles for a wide target audience. Recently, it came up with a name for its slogan which CARDWARE has placed on the right front of its jersey sweaters. It also has a boomerang symbol with the words, “Just Use It.” underneath it. The well-known athletic clothing manufacturer Nike® found out about the Cardigans use of a slogan they claim is similar to their own and now want to bring a lawsuit against CARDWARE Inc. Discuss whether or not Nike has a case. Be sure to discuss the principals associated with trademark infringement and give your opinion whether or not you think the two slogans are confusingly similar or not. HINT: Place phrase words such as “Famous Legal Trade Dress” and “Slogan Infringement ” into your search engine for cases that may be similar so that you may help engage your peers in a lively discussion.


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