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Literature homework help


What is your impression of public policy as a career focus? Which of the six professionals profiled interests you the most? What new knowledge or insights have you gained from viewing “A Call for Leadership” again now that you have nearly completed this course? What assumptions or misconceptions did you have about educational leadership or public policy advocates that have been dispelled or corrected? What inspires you about this type of career in the field? Describe new knowledge and insights about educational leadership in the early childhood field that you gained from reading the article and from viewing the video program again. Also, if relevant, explain any assumptions or misconceptions that were corrected for you; Choose one the six professionals profiled in the article whose career inspires you with regard to thinking about public policy as a career direction, and explain your choice. Then identify a professional goal you could set now to move yourself in the direction of a career in early care and education policy, or to help develop your leadership skills as a community advocate for young children and families


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