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Literary Vocabulary terms


Literary Vocabulary terms Objective: the students will be able to recognize the various genres of literature; employ various critical approaches for interpreting literature Note: The research process involves three stages: planning, exploring, and evaluating sources. When you write about literature in college whether the work is fiction, drama, or poetry, you will discuss the plot, characters, and setting. LET’S GET STARTED!!! 1. genre 2. fiction, dramatic soliloquy 3. characters, protagonist, theme, descriptive language 4. narrator, persona, omniscient narrator 5. plot, exposition, climax, falling action, turning point, denouement 6. setting, symbol, theme 7. name and define each of these approaches to interpreting literature (literary theory, reader-response theory, gender-based literary theories, critical race theory, class-based literary theory, text-based theory, context-based literary theory, and psychoanalytic theories)


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