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LI 499 UNIT 3 DISCUSSION Unit 3: Unit 3: Topic Selection and Research Proposal – Discussion Quantitative Data You learned how to identify quantitative data in this week’s readings. Now find an example of quantitative data that you may be able to use in your Unit 9 Assignment. • Describe the data (statistic, chart, graph, measure, etc.), summarize its meaning, and provide the complete APA formatted reference for this information (author, year, title, and publisher). How will this quantitative data provide a better understanding for your audience? How can such a visual be convincing to a reader? • What are the limitations of your data example? How might you address these limitations? Explain how you might use this information in your paper. As you read your classmates’ responses, ask questions to encourage more input on how quantitative research can be found and used effectively as support in the Unit 9 Assignment.


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