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LI 499 UNIT 2 DISCUSSION Unit 2: Unit 2: Topic Selection and Preliminary Research – Discussion Preliminary Research Review the potential list of topics under Unit 1 Reading or brainstorm some of your own possible ideas for a research topic for your Unit 9 Assignment. Remember that the topic must represent an event that you want to analyze in depth. • Share your potential topic idea(s) and explain how you intend to separate your own beliefs from the objective facts when researching your topic. • In addition, share some ideas on your possible resources. For instance, what is an example of a primary source you might use in your Assignment? Why is this resource considered to be primary? • What is a scholarly journal? How will you use a scholarly journal in your research? As you read your classmates’ responses, ask questions to encourage more input on the elements of primary versus secondary research and share your feedback on potential topics.


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