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Lesson Plan Analysis


Lesson Plan Analysis: Rationale: Engaging in critical analysis of lesson plans provides candidates with opportunities to learn about teacher instructional decisions and also how to write a better lesson plan later. Please follow these steps: • From the sample lesson plans provided, select two lesson plans for grades 6-12 on one or similar topics in your content area. • Analyze each lesson and critique them regarding goals, objectives, State Common Core and ELD standards, structure, instructional strategies, activities, technology applications and assessment techniques. • Identify EL strategies used in the lessons. Compare both lesson plans and find similarities and differences. • Explain how these lesson plans differentiate instruction to address the needs of diverse students (e.g., students with special needs, ELLs, striving readers, gifted students). • Conclude with your suggested improvements. o Write a narrative with explicit supporting references from course materials (e.g., required textbooks, lecture ppt., video clips). Please use a minimum of three different sources. “Explicit’ means that you have included evidence of source (e.g., short direct quotes with corresponding page/ slide numbers). • In addition, attach a short outline (minimum 200 words) of your own lesson plan on the same or similar topic, in a lesson plan format (either EDSC or SDAIE lesson plan format) to demonstrate your growing knowledge of writing effective lesson plans. Lesson Plan Analysis Rubric Required Component Maximum points Earned Points Analysis includes: goals & objectives, standards & structure, strategies & activities, technology applications, and assessment techniques 4 Discussion of differentiated instruction 1 Suggestions for improvement 1 Lesson Plan outline in the required lesson plan format 2 Explicit references to course required literature and additional sources are sufficient to support your planning decision; used appropriate APA style for references 2 Total 10 points


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