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This assignment is meant to provide an insight into different leadership styles and how they impact an individual’s career and the organizational design. Review the various theories of leadership and the different kinds of leaders. Suppose you are a manager. Describe and give views on your personal leadership style. Why do you think some leadership styles work better than others in a given situation? Give at least two situational examples to illustrate your point. Assuming leadership styles vary from person to person, is it correct to assume that certain jobs are better managed by one person than by another? Do you think sychological tests (i.e. Myers’s Brigg’s, Jungs Typology, etc.) help determine a person’s leadership style? What are the other measures or techniques which can be used to help determine a person’s leadership style during recruitment? Prepare a detailed report n Full APA format (minimum of two pages – excluding cover and reference page, double spaced) answering the questions above. Be sure to justify your responses Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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