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LDR/531 LDR531 LDR 531 WEEK 5 QUIZ


LDR/531 LDR531 LDR 531 WEEK 5 QUIZ • 1 Which of the following is least likely to lend to a simple organizational structure? o Formalized rules and regulations o Little departmentalization o Centralized authority o Wide span of control • Correct answerquestion2 Decision making within which one of the following organizational structures follows a strict chain of command? o Matrix o Bureaucracy o Boundaryless o Virtual • Correct answerquestion3 ________ are persons who act as catalysts and assume the responsibility for managing refinement activities. o Laggards o Whistle-blowers o Free riders o Change agents • Correct answerquestion4 Idea champions display characteristics associated with _________ leadership. o autocratic o narcissistic o transformational o laissez-faire • Correct answerquestion5 It is easiest for management to deal with resistance when it is o implicit o overt o deferred o passive • Correct answerquestion6 Strategy of differentiation consists of which of the following? o Price, support, design o Sourcing strategies, processing strategies, delivering strategies o Cost leadership, differentiation, cost focus o Upstream business strategy, midstream business strategy, downstream business strategy • Correct answerquestion7 Which of the following is the last step in Kotter’s eight-step plan for implementing change? o Establish a sense of urgency by creating a compelling reason for why change is needed. o Reinforce the changes by demonstrating the relationship between new behaviors and organizational success. o Communicate the vision throughout the organization. o Consolidate improvements, reassess changes, and make necessary adjustments in the new programs. • Correct answerquestion8 Which of the following is an example of an individual source of resistance to change? o Employee orientation o Fear of the unknown o Product orientation o Structural inertia • Correct answerquestion9 The focus of a single segmentation within a scope strategy is known as a _______ strategy. o unsegmentation o segmentation o niche o customizing • Correct answerquestion10 Which of the following is least likely to realize a competitive advantage for an organization? o Superior resources o Superior position o Superior skills o Superior strategy • Correct answerquestion11 Which of the following statements is true regarding innovation? o Interunit communication is low in innovative organizations. o Innovative organizations reward both successes and failures. o Organic structures negatively influence innovation. o Innovation is nurtured when there is an abundance of resources. • Correct answerquestion12 Entering into various types of business ventures outside of the realm of an organization’s usual type of business is an example of a ________ strategy. o customizing o chain integration o undifferentiating o diversification • Correct answerquestion13 The deemphasizing of hierarchical authority and control in organizational development is referred to as o power equalization o vertical blending o horizontal integration o trust and support • Correct answerquestion14 Which of the following statements is true regarding the functions of culture in an organization? o It reduces the stability of the organizational system. o It does not affect employees’ attitudes and behavior. o It conveys a sense of identity for organization members. o It hinders the generation of commitment to something larger than individual self-interest among employees. • Correct answerquestion15 Confusion in who reports to whom is a weakness of which one of the fol


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