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LDR/531 LDR531 LDR 531 WEEK 4 QUIZ


LDR/531 LDR531 LDR 531 WEEK 4 QUIZ • 1 The church you go to every Sunday is made up of people who have very different lifestyles and are at different stages in their life. Joanna is a 23-year-old, single parent who works for minimum wage and shifts from motel to motel for accommodation. Josephine is a single, 45-year-old woman who earns a decent salary and has few interests and friends outside her office. Jonathan is 60 years old, extremely wealthy, has a loving family, and enjoys his work. You have decided to apply Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to determine what motivates each of these individuals. Which of the following needs would most likely motivate Joanna? o Esteem o Physiological o Safety o Social • Correct answerquestion2 Employees with positive core self-evaluations believe in their inner worth and basic competence, and are more satisfied with their jobs than those with negative core self-evaluations. The concept of positive core self-evaluations indicates that o pay always has a direct correlation with job satisfaction o promotions and growth opportunities influence job satisfaction o personality plays a role in job satisfaction o job conditions have a direct influence on job satisfaction • Correct answerquestion3 Which of the following statements is true regarding goal-setting theory? o Externally generated feedback is more powerful than self-generated feedback. o Goal commitment is more likely when individuals have an external locus of control. o Assigned goals generate greater goal commitment in low rather than high power-distance cultures. o People do better when they get feedback on how well they are progressing toward their goals. • Correct answerquestion4 Charles, Anna, Elle, and Adam are college friends and work in New York City. Comfortable living in New York occurs at about $40,000 a year. Charles makes $24,000 a year, Anna makes $30,000 a year, Elle makes $50,000 a year, and Adam makes $75,000 a year. Which of the following is most likely to be true with reference to correlation between pay and job satisfaction? o Charles and Anna have the same levels of job satisfaction in relation to their pay. o Elle and Adam are most likely to have a similar level of job satisfaction. o Charles is more satisfied with his job in comparison with Anna. o Anna is more satisfied with the job than Adam. • Correct answerquestion5 ________ are caused by a specific event, are very brief, and accompanied by distinct facial expressions. o Emotions o Attitudes o Reactions o Moods • Correct answerquestion6 Which of the following statements is true regarding the effects of moods and emotions on decision making? o Depressed people tend to weigh all possible options rather than the most likely ones. o Positive emotions tend to diminish problem-solving skills and analytical skills. o Moods and emotions have no direct influence on decision making. o People with positive emotions are slower at processing information as compared to depressed people. • Correct answerquestion7 Which of the following does cognitive dissonance indicate between two or more attitudes or between behavior and attitudes? o Consistency o Tenacity o Incompatibility o Consistency • Correct answerquestion8 Which of the following statements is true regarding negotiation? o Feeling bad about your performance during a negotiation tends to impair future negotiations. o Angry negotiators who have less power than opponents have better outcomes. o Individuals who do poorly in a negotiation develop positive perceptions of their counterpart. o Displaying a negative emotion at a negotiation can never be effective. • Correct answerquestion9 Gerard Yoder believes that every time he picks up his daughter, Penny, from school, it brings him good


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